Translated by: Vide Flaker
Director: Ozren Prohić
Dramatization: Sanja Ivić
Set Design: Ivo Knezović
Costume Design: Irena Sušac
Music: Davor Bobić
Lighting: Deni Šesnić
Stage Movement: Žak Valenta
Magic Tricks Advisor: Žarko Tomašević Rico
Language Advisor: Đurđa Škavić

Dramatis Personae:

THE MASTER – dark-haired, with a good nose, restless eyes, around 38 years old, a historicist, worked also as a translator, wrote a novel about Pontius Pilat: Mladen Vulić

MARGARITA NIKOLAEVNA – 30 years old, wife of a well known specialist, no children, in whose eyes there always burnt an obscure tiny flame: Nataša Janjić

IVAN NIKOLAYICH PONYRYOV – a young writer, writing under the pseudonym Bezdomny (Homeless): Boris Svrtan

WOLAND – simply: a stranger: Ranko Zidarić

KOROVIEV (FAGOTTO) – the stranger's translator who resides at apartment number 50, block 302 on Bolshoi Sadovaya: Luka Petrušić

AZAZELLO – the flame-red little man with a bowler hat: Sven Šestak

BEHEMOTH – a huge, fat, greasy, black cat who, among other things, is trying to buy a tram ticket: Siniša Ružić

HELLA – the girl with an ugly scar on her neck: Barbara Nola

MIKHAIL ALEXANDROVICH BERLIOZ – the editor of a fat art magazine and the president of one of the largest literary guilds in Moscow called MASSOLIT: Vanja Drach

PONTIUS PILATE – a horseman, the son of the astronomer king, the cruel procurator of Judea: Darko Milas

YESHUA HA-NOTSRI – a wandering philosopher: Predrag Vušović

JOSEPH KAIFA – Judean priest who performed the duty of the president of Sinedrion: Ozren Grabarić

APHRANIUS – the man with a hood, the captain of Pilate's secret police: Pero Kvrgić

PROFESSOR DR. STRAVINSKY – 45 years old, with a hair-cut like an actor, pleasant penetrating eyes and good manners: Ljubomir Kapor

PRASKOVYA FYODOROVNA – Dr. Stravinsky's assistant, a nice lady in a white, clean coat: Ksenija Pajić

RIUKHIN – a bad poet, 32 years old: Hrvoje Klobučar
BESKUDNIKOV – a novelist, quiet, well-dressed man with attentive eyes: Nenad Cvetko

DVUBRATSKY – a poet, wearing yellow shoes with rubber soles: Đorđe Kukuljica

NASTASJA LUKINISHNA NEPREMOVA – the poor tradeswoman from Moscow who became a writer and wrote about naval battles under the pseudonym Boz'n George: Antonija Stanišić

GEORGE BENGALSKY – a well-known Moscowian master of ceremony: Janko Rakoš

ANNA RICHARDOVNA – the secretary of Prochor Petrovich, chairman of the Commission on Spectacles and Entertainment of the Lighter: Marina Nemet

THE POSTWOMAN – with the extraordinary urgent telegrams: Ana Kvrgić

THE SUBSIDIARY OFFICIAL – who cannot resist singing: Jelena Miholjević

STEPHAN BOGDANOVICH (STYOPA) LICHODEEV – stage manager of the Variety Theatre: Dražen Kühn

GRIGORY DANILOVICH RIMSKY – treasurer of the Variety Theatre: Ozren Grabarić

IVAN SAVELYEVICH VARENUKHA – house-manager of the Variety Theatre: Janko Rakoš

ANDREI FOKICH SOKOV – some older man with an unusually sad face: Marino Matota

NIKANOR IVANOVICH BOSOI – the chairman of the tenants' association of block 302 bis on Bolshoi Sadovaya in Moscow: Dragoljub Lazarov

Stage Manager: Ina Krklec
Prompter: Snježana Majdak
Organizer: Keka Katona
Première – November 30, 2006

The Master and Margarita is one of the most beautiful stories of the 20th century and one of the most significant novels of the world's literature. Bulgakov had been writing it for a long time, from 1928 until his death in 1940 – there is allegedly eight versions of the manuscript in the writer's archives – and it was published a quarter of a century afterwards. Its vividness, carnival character and bizarre quality long for the stage, but due to the complexity of the novel's structure and a great amount of material they resist it at the same time. Therefore the dramatization and the staging of this work are a test of skill and ability for every theatre and its crew, but at the same time, the abundance of playfulness The Master and Margarita offers calls for a theatrical event that one enjoys creating as well as watching.

''The Master and Margarita is, beside everything else, a novel about the lack of courage. Bulgakov's dream escapade and, at the same time, an escapist tirade subject to autobiographical elements, a satire in the style of Ilf and Petrov, but in the end, instead of love, the undestructible desire for creation or the mere force that ''constantly seeks evil, but does good instead'', talks about cowards and the consequences of what they have and haven't done.'' (Igor Ružić, Radio 101)

''Prohić's relatively low-key production, through which an exceptionally large number of characters passes, always in smaller scenes, never all at once, has described the world and the idea of Bulgakov's novel consistently and sufficiently dynamic enough to keep the audience's attention during the three-and-a-half-hour performance: the exposition is somewhat too long (there is room for shortening), whereas in the second part, such a level of interpretation and concentration is reached, which hasn't been seen in our theatre for a long time... On the whole, Gavella has begun the season in the best possible way: with a performance that may not be absolutely flawless, but which is characterized by seriousness, consistency and dedicated team work, all of which undoubtedly brings results. ''The Master and Margarita'' is definitely a must see.'' (Boris B. Horvat, ''Vijenac'')

''You won't find Bulgakov's ''The Master and Margarita'' in Zagreb's libraries these days, either it's been borrowed or it's on reservation. The reason for this is last night's première in Gavella Drama Theatre. Ozren Prohić directed the performance unburdend, looking from his generational and aesthetic angle. The same way as Sanja Ivić dramatized the novel for the new generation of actors and viewers... Mladen Vulić finally got a break, his Master is restrained, anxiuos, distraught, persuasive. Boris Svrtan wittily stood up for his Bezdomny with all his (acting) powers and Predrag Vušović, defying the stereotypes about him, gave a wise and composed performance of Yeshua.'' (Želimir Ciglar, ''Večernji List'')

''Among others we have to single out Janko Rakoš, who gave a wholehearted and vivid performance of George Bengalsky, the master of ceremony, Dražen Kuhn, who created an exquisite miniature of the Variety Theatre's stage manager, Stephan Bogdanovich Lihodeev and Siniša Ružić, who is amusing in his role of the cat Behemoth.'' (Tomislav Čadež, ''Jutarnji List'')