Born: 27.11.1981

Place of Birth: Split

As an amateur in the Youth Theatre in Split, in the Youth Studio, guided by the director Goran Golovko she performed in amateur productions, namely: Ionesco's ''The Bald Soprano'' (Mrs. Smith), I.B. Mažuranić's: ''Three Stories from Long Ago'' and ''Split 3,4,5'', then, with the professional ensemble she starred in the role of Fani in the play ''Mario'' by M. Pagnolo, directed by Vanča Kljaković.

After she graduated from high-school in 2000, she enrolled at the faculty of journalism in Zagreb and, in the same year, in her first attempt, enrolled at the acting department of the Academy of Dramatic Arts in the class of Neva Rošić and Koraljka Hrs. Finally she decided just to pursue her acting career. During her academic years she performed in the following roles: Juliet in Shakespeare's ''Romeo and Juliet'', Electra, Queen Mary from Ionesco's ''The King Dies'', Christine from O. von Horvath's ''Hotel Bellvue'', Melita from Krleža's ''Leda'', Solvejg and Anitr from ''Peer Gynt'', Kate from ''The Taming of the Shrew''.

She graduated with the role of Martha from Albee's ''Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf'' in the class of Borna Baletić in 2004.

Work Experience:


2002 ''The Ideal Husband'', E. Bošnjak, Split Summer Festival, dir: Nenni Delmestre, EMA

2003 ''The Divine Hunger'', S. Drakulić, &TD Theatre, dir: Damir Z. Frey, INES

2003 ''The Workshop for Walking, Talking and Making Stuff Up'', Bobo Jelčić and N. Rajković, Dubrovnik Summer Festival

2003 ''Cyrano'', J. Roets, Mala Scena Theatre, dir: I. Šimić, ROXANE

2004 ''Proof'', D. Aubern, Mala Scena Theatre, dir: I. Šimić, CATHERINE

2004 ''In the Night'', K. Š. Gjalski, Kufer Theatre, dir: T. Pavković, BARONESS LEPORTE

2004 ''Life X 3'', Y. Reza, Mala Scena Theatre, dir: I. Šimić, SONIA

2005 ''Corruption in the Palace of Justice'', U. Betti, CNT Zagreb, dir: Joško Juvančić, ELENA

2005 ''What Are We Going to Do Now?'', B.Đurić, KNAPP Theatre, dir: Aida Bukvić, MARIJA KRALJIĆ


2005 ''I Love You'' – TV, dir: Dalibor Matanić, role of Nataša

2005 ''All For Free'' – Film, dir: Antonio Nuić, Maja

2006''A True Miracle'' – Film, dir: Lukas Nola

Radio Dramas

Animated series and movies dubbing


2004 Nominated in the category for best young actress in the role of Catherine (''Proof'') and Baroness Leporte (''In the Night'') at the Croatian Actors' Guild Awards

2005 ''Sabrija Biser'' Award at the Days of Satire Festival for the role of Marija Kraljić (''What Are We Going To Do Now?'')

2005 Croatian Actors' Guild Award for best young actress for the roles of Sonia (''Life X 3'') and Marija Kraljić (''What Are We Going To Do Now?'')

Plays in: