I was born on September 13, 1966 in Zagreb into the family of my father Fabijan and mother Marija. I have a sister, a grandmother on my mother's side and a few cousins, three or four aunts, one child, three godfathers and a paycheck in Gavella Drama Theatre that comes out at about 4000 kunas. Here I gave a few good and a few bad performances in the plays: "Viktor or the Day of Youth", "Sokol Did Not Love Him", "Dundo Maroje", "Crazy Days", "The Croatian Nightingale", "The Golden Calf", "Culture in Suburbia", "A Lion's Winter" etc.
I have also performed in the ITD Theatre: Titus Andronicus, Estragon or Vladimir, I can't recall anymore in ''Waiting for Godot'', I've performed in ''Katarina Zrinska'', ''Iphigenia in Aulid'' etc.

I've performed in the Ažuvinkl Theatre, which I also co-founded, in the plays ''Mushroommobile'' and ''Alice in Computerland''.

I have performed in Split and Dubrovnik, although I was swimming there more than I was working. I've been in Split a couple of times in winter but only for a short period of time. I have fond memories of this theatre because two of my plays ''The Brick'' and ''The Birdies'' were for the first time ever performed there. I've already received from them an advance for my third play, even though I haven't written a single page due to my identity crisis.

Besides that, I've also worked in the film business and television which resulted in my ignominious failure. I've starred in about thirty films of which I mention the first and the last ''Sokol Did Not Love Him'' and ''Slow Surrender''. I've worked with Croatian, Slovene, Serbian, Czech, French and Bosnian film workers on mutual pleasure. I've studied acting for eight years and I never finished it, I've also never finished film directing, which I studied a few years less – six years. I have a few burn out works from that period and they're called: ''The Tree of Life'', ''The Passengers from a Sunken Ship'', ''Say No'' etc. These short films were seen by a few of my friends and few other rare individuals. I am a full-time columnist of the ''Nedjeljna Dalmacija'' weekly.

A couple of months ago I bought the first car in my life, although for a long time I had been driving different vehicles passed on to me by my mother and father.

As a director I am competing in the Ministry of Culture for my two scripts for feature-length films, whose names are ''Once Upon A Time in Pušča Bistra'' and ''The Mouse''. It's hard to believe.


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