Graduated from the ADA in Zagreb in 1979. During his academic years and later, he worked with 'off' theatres: ''Pozdravi'', ''The Histrions'', ''K. P. G. T.''...

From 1979 to 1989, as a member of the ITD Theatre ensemble, he went to all significant world festivals with the productions ''Little Hamlet'' and ''Double-bass'', directed by Zlatko Bourek and won more prestigious awards in the domestic circles. In 1987 he won the Drama Artists' award for the role of The Knight directed by Joško Juvančić.

He won the Monodrama Festival award in 1986 for the monodrama ''Double-bass'' directed by Zlatko Bourek.

He won the Golden Wreath award granted by the small and experimental scenes in Sarajevo for the performance in ''Little Hamlet'' directed by Zlatko Bourek.

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In film he worked with L. Zafranović in ''The Occupation in 26 Pictures'', Rajko Grlić in ''You Only Love Once'', Antun Vrdoljak in ''The Return''.

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He has officially became a member of Gavella Drama Theatre ensemble in 1990.


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