Translation: Vladimir Gerić
Director: Paolo Magelli
Dramatization: Željka Udovičić
Assistant Director: Alena Slunečkova
Set Design: Miljenko Sekulić
Costume Design: Leo Kulaš, Svetlana Vizintin
Movement Assistant: Snježana Abramović
Make-Up and Hair: Veno Mach
Lighting: Olivije Marečić
Music: I. Appelt, D.Šostaković, B. Okudžava, Khaled
ssistant Dramaturge: Nina Skorup
Photography: Vladimira Spindler

Dramatis Personae:

ARKADIY SERGEYEVICH ISLAYEV, the wealthy landowner: Pjer Meničanin
NATALIA PETROVNA, his wife: Anja Šovagović Despot
KOLYA, his son: Bruno Dobrota
VYEROCHKA, their protegee: Ivana Bolanča / Nataša Janjić
ANNA SEMYONOVNA ISLAYEVA, Arkadiy's mother: Ingeborg Appelt
LIZAVETA BOGDANOVNA, a friend: Ksenija Pajić
SCHAAF, a German, house teacher: Dražen Kühn
MIKHAIL ALEXANDROVICH BELYAYEV, a student, Kolya's tutor: Boris Svrtan
AFANASIY IVANOVICH BOLYSCHNITZOV, the neighbour: Sreten Mokrović
IGNATIY ILYCH SHPIGELYSKI, the doctor: Goran Grgić
MATVEY, the servant: Filip Šovagović / Ranko Zidarić
KATYA, the maid: Barbara Nola

Stage Manager: Ana Dulčić Meštrović
Prompter: Andrea Glad
Organizer: Keka Katona

Premiere – January 7, 1998

1998, Croatian Actors Guild Award
- best production
- best director
- best performance in a play, male cameo performance
22nd Days of Satire
- ''The Golden Laugh'' – best production
- ''The Golden Laugh'' – actors' awards
- ''The Golden Laugh'' – best dramaturgy
1998, Mess
- best actor

''Not only did Magelli give us a production which exceedes the phrase ''the event of the season'', but he achieved his highest success in Croatian Theatre, equal to that of ''Crazy Days'', ''The Fenitian Women'' and ''Electra''. Compared to these productions ''A Month in the Country'' shows that his interest from social, often prophetical, views of human destiny plunges deeper and deeper into the unforseeable depths of the human soul.'' (Dalibor Foretić, ''Novi List'')

''The fantastic cast is led by Anja Šovagović Despot who, although she starred in almost all of Magelli's last productions, never lets herself be repeated... She is followed by equally impressive performances from Pjer Meničanin, Ksenija Pajić, Sreten Mokrović, Goran Grgić, Boris Svrtan, Dijana Bolanča and the others. In short, ''A Month in the Country'' is a valuable theatrical event, a unique treat for theatrical connoiseurs.'' (Vlatka Kolarović, ''Glas Istre'')

''The immense value of this production is in the way its ensemble dissected Turgenev. We hear thoughts on the stage, not just words uttered without passion or meaning. The meaning and sense of every line pass through the actor's head and only then are directed to the audience. In that way we could finally witness who can do what. Once again Magelli proved that the poor performances on Croatian stages are not the fault of the actors.'' (Nives Madunić, ''Glas Slavonije'')

''In a consistent theatrical reading of an 1850 comedy which is embedded, by history of dramatic literature, within the columns of modern realism Paolo Magelli boldly outlines the end-of-the-century sensibility which no longer hides behind symbolic allures and ideological exemptions.'' (Dubravka Vrgoč, ''Vjesnik'')

''Turgenev's play and Paolo Magelli's recognizable director's take found themselves here in an odd harmony out of which a strong production, imbued with tragicomedy, was born. This is definitely one of the finest performances one is able to see, at the moment, on the stages in Zagreb.'' (Hrvoje Ivanković, ''Slobodna Dalmacija'')