Director: Zoran Mužić
Set Design: Vjekoslav Radoičić
Costume Design: Danica Dedijer
Language Advisor: Joško Ševo
Art Work: Višnja Tamhina
Lighting: Olivije Marečić
Sound Design: Julio Šimunković
Photography: Vladimira Splinder

Dramatis Personae:

Šime Frzelin: Predrag Vušović
Tereža (sestra pokojnog Tona): Slavica Knežević
Bekina (sestra pokojnog Tona): Vlasta Knezović
Vice (Bekinin muž) : Joško Ševo
Paškva: Mirjana Majurec / Mia Begović
Bepo Briškula: Ranko Zidarić
Advokat Prošpero: Siniša Ružić

Stage Manager: Ina Krklec
Prompter: Snježana Majdak
Organizer: Keka Katona

Premiere – December 1, 2000

Puccini’s hero Gianni Schicci, ‘’that brute’’, as he’s described by Dante, is a farmer whose family, who wants to change the will, talks him into switching places with the deceased at the catafalque. In ‘’The Testament’’ Schicci becomes Šime Frzelin and the action is transposed to Split of the old times. It seems that only in the city of such uniquely mixed ‘’colours, flavours and odours’’, where sorrow and happiness entwine in a ‘’stormy mediterranean’’ fashion, could Kljaković find such characters as Tereža, Bekina, Vice, Paškva, Bepo Briškula or Prošpero – the characters in whose vividness one can easily see oneself.

''With every appearance on the stage, in moments of comic abberation, Predrag Vušović, that is, his seemingly confused Šime Frzelin, gives the performance an almost poetic statement and at the same time speeds up the comic mechanism, which almost always impeccably provokes laughter in the audience... Slavica Knežević played the character of the ''bereaved'' sister to a great effect and she was followed by Vlasta Knezović and Mia Begović, playing the 'spirited' mediterranean women... Ranko Zidarić gave a fantastic performance of the former police officer Bepo Briškula, whereas Siniša Ružić appeared in an interesting cameo role of Prošpero the lawyer.'' (Dubravka Vrgoč, ''Vjesnik'')

''Vanča has returned. Not from far away, but from the nearby Split. And it's not true he 'didn't bring us nothing', but on the contrary, he brought the fruit of his life-long work, as an actor, director and writer, the comedy ''The Testament''. He put it into the hands of his junior coleagues, the director Zoran Mužić and the actors Vlasta Knezović, Predgar Vušović and six other, who all together, by presenting Kjaković's perhaps 'youngest', comic creation to an audience who greeted it with standing ovations, proved to be worthy of the trust put in them.'' (Marija Grgičević, ''Hrvatsko slovo'')

''Proving himself once again as an outstanding character actor, Vušović turned every line, every blink, every grimace, every gesture of his Šime Frzelin into ambiguity and unintrusive wit, giving him at the same time vitality and theatricality.'' (Hrvoje Ivanković, ''Jutarnji list'')
''The Testament will rightly be a performance to watch – the language forms no barrier since the plot has been constructed clearly enough not to make some words from the 'old' Split a nuisance, but a well-received occurence.'' (Želimir Ciglar, ''Večernji list'')