Director: Krešimir Dolenčić
Translator: Mladen Škiljan
Dramaturge: Ana Tonković Dolenčić
Stage Design: Tanja Lacko
Costume Design: Tea Bašić
Music: Matija Antolić
Coreographer: Iva Peter Dragan
Lighting Design: Zdravko Stolnik
Stage Speech Assistant: Ivana Buljan Legati
Assistant to the director and the dramaturge: Žad Novak
"Illustrissimi doctores" song arrangement: Filip Šljivac
Artwork: Marta Crnobrnja
Photography: Vladimira Spindler
Production's visual identity: Vanja Cuculić / Studio Cuculić


Argan, the imaginary invalid: Enes Vejzović
Béline, second wife of Argan: Barbara Nola
Angélique, daughter of Argan, in love with Cléante: Anja Đurinović
Toinette, maid-servant of Argan: Anja Šovagović Despot
Béralde, brother of Argan: Sven Šestak
Cléante, young man in love with Angélique: Igor Kovač
Doktor Diafoirus, a physician: Siniša Ružić
Thomas Diafoirus, his son, betrothed to Angélique by her father: Đorđe Kukuljica
Doktor Purgon, Argan's physician; Gospodin Bonnefoy, notar: Filip Šovagović
Louison, a girl, Argan's younger daughter, Angélique's sister: Natalija Đorđević
Musicians: Iva Peter Dragan / Matija Antolić / Vjekoslav Babić

First rehearsal: May 11th, 2015
Rehearsals continued on August 25th, 2015
Opening night: September 19th, 2015

Stage Manager: Snježana Majdak
Prompter at the rehearsal: Andrea Glad

The Imaginary Invalid (Le Malade imaginaire) is a comedy-ballet in three acts, Moliere's last work, which premiered in 1673. The great comediographer and actor, long suffering from tuberculosis, collapsed during the fourth performance, playing Argan, and soon passed away... His text, on the other hand, continued to live. Therefore this ruthless satire of doctors and medicine, their hypocrisy and greed remained a permanent feature of theatre stages, constantly provoking new approaches. This play is a product of Moliere's brazen maniristic imagination, consciously free from the need for art and the attempt to form an impeccable material. To approach it, therefore, means to find the right key for the offered theatricality and performative restraint while at the same time not blunting its satirical blade which undoubtedly cuts right to the heart of some problems we encounter today. Impudent and anarchistic, ironic and sarcastic - this is a Moliere who not only questions his own time, but also our time, this time, using humour as a tool for a dynamic, dramatic showdown with the issues that bother him...

''Dolenčić expertly and measuredly caricatured Moliere's withering and universal exposing of human egoism, but with a clear intent to appeal to teenage audience. The true backbone of this play are the young, enthusiastic actors led by the lucid Enes Vejzović, who plays the imaginary invalid terrorizing both the people around him and himself, and the vehement Anja Šovagović Despot in the role of the main, yet fair, schemer Toinette. The ensemble doesn't have a weak link, however, praise must go to the excellent Barbara Nola, as Argan's second wife, Đorđe Kukuljica as the wooer and Natalija Đorđević as Argan's young daughter as well as Gavella's recent acquisitions Anja Đurinović as Argan's older daughter and her sweetheart, the energetic Igor Kovač.'' (Denis Derk, Večernji list)

"The best part of the play are actually Siniša Ružić as Doctor Diafoirus and Đorđe Kukuljica as his son, Thomas Diafoirus. (...) Through his inspired performance, Ružić represents the universal hypocrisy of society, the symbol of nepotism, but also private lies.'' (Tomislav Čadež, Jutarnji list)