Director: Sebastijan Horvat
Dramatization: Milan Marković Matis
Stage Design: Jurgen Kirner
Costume Design: Marita Ćopo
Music: Drago Ivanuša
Lighting Design: Zdravko Stolnik
Speech and Vocal Consultant: Đurđa Škavić
Sculpture Work: Miljenko Sekulić
Assistant Costume Designer: Emilija Šušković Jakopac


Ivan / Vid Trdak: Amar Bukvić
Auditor / Maria Annunziata: Bojana Gregorić Vejzović
Auditor / Clerk / Franjo Kadaver: Sven Medvešek
Auditor / Liutenant / Slepčević: Hrvoje Klobučar
Franjo Blažek / Štef Petanjek: Pavle Vrkljan
Lover / Doctor / Katarina: Ana Kvrgić
Soldier / Matija Skomrak: Nenad Cvetko
Soldier / Mato Pesek: Đorđe Kukuljica
Soldier / Doctor: Ivan Grčić
Jokl: Franjo Dijak / Sven Šestak

Stage Manager: Snježana Majdak
Propter at the rehearsal: Andrea Glad
First rehearsal: May 14, 2014
Opening night: September 20, 2014

In 2014 the entire world, and the theatre as well, will mark the 100th anniversary of the start of WWI. It is our wish at Gavella Theatre to join this event by re-analyzing the texts of probably our greatest writer, who intensely dealt with the War years and its conflicts throughout his oeuvre. Thus his collection of stories, Hrvatski bog Mars (Croatian God Mars), serves as possibly the most potent source of material where Krleža focuses not so much on the totality of war, as on the fate of the little man, lost in the battles into which he was forced to go and where, torn from everything he holds dear, under someone else's flag, he dies for a foreign ruler. The writer's anti-war involvement is perennial, because the cannon fodder is always recruited in the same manner: the building site of the world which was created by WWI - the world in which we live today - is covered with layers and layers of soldiers' bones, so much like the ones Krleža created... Directed by Sebastijan Horvat, one of the most interesting Slovene directors, interested in the disolution of form and in the ''emotional map'' of the performer, and dramatized by Milan Marković, Croatian God Mars gathers ten actors prepared for the experience of total theatre...