Director: Zlatko Sviben
Dramatization script: Zlatko Sviben
Composer: Darko Hajsek
Stage Design: Ana Martina Bakić and Ivana Knez
Costume Design: Marita Ćopo
Lighting Design: Zdravko Stolnik
Stage Movement Assistant: Alen Ćelić
Speech and Vocal Consultant: Đurđa Škavić


RASKOLNIKOV, RODION ROMANOVICH, a student, subterranean and unusual; a murderer: Franjo Dijak
SVIDRIGAILOV, ARKADIY IVANOVICH, his alter ego, unbridled libertine and shadow; a suicide: Darko Milas
SOFYA SEMYONOVNA MARMELADOV(OVA), his whore and a devotee; Sonja the redeemer: Nela Kocsis
ALYONA IVANOVNA, his evil thought, a rotter; a vile pawnbroker: Inge Appelt
LIZAVETA IVANOVNA, Alyona's half-sister and Sonya's second; collateral victim: Perica Martinović
AVDOTYA ROMANOVNA RASKOLNIKOVA, worships him; sister Dunya: Ivana Bolanča
PULCHERIA ALEXANDROVNA RASKOLNIKOVA, worries over him; loving mother: Jelena Miholjević
NASTASYA PETROVNA, serves him, but is critical of him; servant and a cook: Perica Martinović
RAZUMIKHIN, DIMITRI PROKOFYCH, protects him; his goldenhearted friend: Živko Anočić
PORFIRIY PETROVICH, the investigating officer; Slavophile: Ozren Grabarić
NIKOLAY DEMENTYEV, painter and confessor Mikolka; an orthodox person: Nenad Cvetko
DIMITRIY MITKA, from a fashion magazine; a singer: Siniša Ružić
MARMELADOV, SEMYON ZAKHAROVICH, a fired titular councillor and a drunkard: Zoran Gogić
KATERINA IVANOVNA MARMELADOVA, has a commendation and tuberculosis; a lady: Anja Šovagović Despot
POLINA MIKHAYLOVNA MARMELADOV(OVA), with a hurdy-gurdy and no French; an underage child: Ivona Kundert / Amanda Prenkaj
AMALIA FYODOROVNA LIPPEWECHSEL, landlady Ludwigovna; a German: Inge Appelt
THE STUDENT, a poor ''russian boy'', a socialist: Živko Anočić
LUZHIN, PIOTR PETROVICH, Dunya' rich fiancee; a wretched person: Siniša Ružić
ILYA PETROVICH POROH, ''liutenant Gunpowder''; a cop: Siniša Ružić
COACHMAN, with skittish horses; an unfortunate:Siniša Ružić
ZAMYOTOV, ALEXANDER GRIGORYEVICH, police notary; Svidrigailov's apparition: Darko Milas
SVIDRIGAILOV'S APPARITIONS, the others (officer, servant):Darko Milas
VOICES AND APPARITIONS (from the carriage, the accident, the funeral): The Ensemble

Stage Manager: Snježana Majdak
Propter at the rehearsal: Andrea Glad
First rehearsal: April 22, 2013
Opening night: September 19, 2013

F. M. Dostoyevsky's ''Crime and Punishment'' is an integral part of any deliberation on crime and its (un)justifiableness, on guilt and confession, punishment and repentance, responsibility and the consequences we are willing to suffer for what we have done. During that process it is hard to say where is Dostoyevsky at his best: in his sharp-witted, analytical dialogues that penetrate incredibly deep and to which he masterfully opposes the complex insights and views on human nature; in the introspective and often self-exhausting monologues; or in the superior sense of atmosphere and the whole of the story, where in the case of ''Crime and Punishment'' he surprisingly harmoniously ''sticks'' little philosophical essays, that the characters dwell in, to an almost crime plot...This novel had its fair share of stagings through different adaptations and dramatizations. This dramatization is the work of the director himself, Zlatko Sviben, who has gathered a respectable cast from all generations of ''Gavella'' Theatre around his ''dramatization script''. One of the greatest works of Russian and the world's literature is an exceptionally complex and challenging material for anyone who wishes to bring it to life on stage, but the eternal story of Rodion Romanovich Raskolnikov, a failed law student who decides to kill and rob an old pawnbroker Alyona Ivanovna even today, 150 years after it was written, shines with the same magical appeal.

''With his interpretation of Dostoyevskiy's novel 'Crime and Punishment' in Gavella Theatre, Zlatko Sviben has confirmed the status of the wise wizard of Croatian theatre. (...) Nothing is over the top in this play. The plot is classy and balanced, neither too fast, nor too slow. There's no initial hysteria and bloodless philosophizing or suffocating the audience with dire, never-ending utterances.'' (Denis Derk, Večernji list)

''In the leading role of Raskolnikov, Franjo Dijak movingly and nuancedly portrays a series of the main character's inner voices, uttering his thick monologues on the thin line between delirium and a hightened presence of mind with flawless focus and persuasive fever. By taking upon himself an extremely difficult task of accepting the complexity of Dostoyevskiy, Dijak performs with such dedication and relentlessness, literally giving his all for theatrical reality, that it is safe to say he gave a performance of his career.'' (Nataša Govedić, Novi list)

''The director ponders multidimensionally, dives into the metaphysical depths of the Russian classic, creates a dramatically gorgeous scenic image of an age, spurrs the ensemble on to give their best and blends modern aesthetic solutions into an exciting theatrical event. (...) Raskolnikov is impressively portrayed by Franjo Dijak, an actor who possesses an authentic histrionic energy and who merges in his role a psychologically coloured bad guy from Dostoyevskiy's time and a modern anti-hero who, like James Dean, lives fast, violently and dangerously. (...) ''Crime and Punishement'' will definitely be a repertorial success for Gavella Theatre...'' (Bojan Munjin, Novosti)