The award-winning performance - ''Zagreb Pentagram''

After having seen 11 productions in the competition, the appraisal committee of the 24th Gavella Evenings comprised of Helena Braut, Marijana Fumić, Špiro Guberina and Mirjana Zagorec have unanimously narrowed down the selection to two productions: The Flight of Fancy, directed by Jean-Claude Berutti and Zagreb Pentagram, directed by Paolo Magelli - both performed by Zagreb Youth Theatre. Members of the appraisal committee especially want to point out the value of this theatre's ensemble which has shown us how it is very much possible to create, from exceptional and yet entirely different artistic personalities, a group of actors who share the joy of creation, partnership and performance, because, though many often forget, the theatre is and always will be a group act. After careful consideration, the appraisal committe decided to award the main festival prize to the production ZAGREB PENTAGRAM, directed by Paolo Magelli and performed by Zagreb Youth Theatre. The theatre act is first and foremost a living word and image, inseparable from the place and the moment to which it belongs, unique and unrepeatable. ZAGREB PENTAGRAM is a production that boldly unifies the seemingly incompatible - five Croatian writers who are formally, structurally, poetically and in terms of generations diametrically different into a unique theatrical experience, an unbreakable whole, a highly-aestheticized performance that unflinchingly corresponds to the Here and Now; a performance that perfectly sets the diagnosis for the moment of our existence. A performance that doesn't talk about some other people, some other city, some other country and someone else's reality - but precisely about us, what we're really like, yet do not dare to admit it to ourselves, because we are - a bit embarrassed. As we should be, because the Here and Now is not such an ideal time to exist in, let alone be an artist in. The Here and Now is a moment of utter apathy, fear, uncertainty and disinterestedness, which so perfectly denotes a familiar
quote:''If I only hadn't met myself today''... And then, despite itself and ourselves a unique theatre performance happens... Suddenly, the Here and Now is much easily 'digested'. You want to change the Here and Now, because you are - a bit embarrassed. With a masterful performance the ZYT ensemble once more reaffirmed their quality and team-spirit, their willingnes to perform the most demanding acting tasks, especially when being led by, in this production particularly inspiring director Paolo Magelli, who with a minute precision simultaneously directed five plays and yet only one. Let us point out the exquisite authorial team, the distinct scenographic solution of the performative space which isn't just the director's visual support but precisely the Here and Now where every step is so hard to make and after that it is even harder to remain standing... ZAGREB PENTAGRAM is proof enough that the ZYT ensemble stands firmly on their feet and the appraisal committee of the 24th Gavella Evenings sincerely congratulates them.