Civic Drama Theatre ‘Gavella’, Civic Theatre ‘Joza Ivakić’ in Vinkovci, and Ludens Theatre

Directed and adapted by Dražen Ferenčina
Dramaturgical cooperation by Dubravko Mihanović
Scenography by Marita Ćopo and Dražen Ferenčina
Costume design by Marita Ćopo
Music by Igor Valeri
Cooperation in stage movement by Maja Huber
Light design by Tomislav Kobia

Matea Marušić
Filip Šovagović
Ivan Grčić
Davor Svedružić
Vedran Dakić
Vladimir Andrić
Selena Andrić
Martina Stjepanović
Areta Ćurković
Ivica Lučić
Zorko Bagić

Premiered in Vinkovci on the 27th of November, 2021
Premiered in Zagreb on the 2nd of December, 2021, Cultural Centre Travno (Kulturni centar Travno)
Premiered in Koprivnica on the 4th of December, 2021

This classic of Croatian literature critically dives into what it observes as being the visible degradation of traditional values; but the text also displays an awareness of how voiceless women characters, born and raised from a patriarchal word, have to make way for women who decide, and who act upon their decisions. Thus the protagonist Tena verbalises her feeling for freedom with the exclamation: “... I am I; everything that is on me, is mine!”, whose echo reverberates on to this day. In addition to this, the author Josip Kozarac wasn’t so focused on the mentality, as on the actually existing state of the economy and society before him – the degradation of village communities, viceroy Khuen-Héderváry’s reign of terror and senseless overexploitation of local forests by rich men from further afield... The protagonist can thus be read as a metaphor, a stand-in for the richly wooded region of Slavonia, in a place of “wealth which is wasted lavishly,” – thus we are before a work capable of making space for a variety of approaches and discussions on a complex subject matter. Kozarac’s novel Tena has been theatrically adapted by Borislav Vujčić, becoming a real theatrical piece, where the prose original is used as a foundation for new artistic material which combines realistic, dialogic scenes with a interestingly ethnological approach, in addition to offering a feeling for the ancient, almost mythical inundation of 19th century melodramatic texts. With elements of a choreodrama, a colourful chorus-like polyphony in social expressionism, Vujčić’s version of Kozarac’s Tena is set in tune to a particular dramatic register, dynamically offered as a play to the actors and the director to reflect upon…