"The Walking Ghost" by Dejan Dukovski is a fragmented, multilingual, self-reflexive play. It is a family and a social drama of rebellion which has the elements of parody, thriller, fantasy and the absurd. The text has its roots both in film and theater - the protagonist is directly associated with the character from the movie "Taxi Driver" and the plot occasionally, self-consciously reflects the events of Shakespeare's "Hamlet", stressing the interweaving of theater and life, as well as Shakespeare's view of the world as a stage. The main character is Mara, a financially shattered Shakespeare scholar, in debt up to his ears. He is literally and metaphorically a figure of brutalized culture, in other words, of a colossal social neglect of cultural values. However, he brings hope, keeping in mind his Promethean-like character and the uncompromising struggle to correct the painful social injustice. The director, Aleksandar Popovski, staged Dukovski’s text in a curious, stylized, poetic form ...Ana Tasić, "Politika"