The members of this year's appraisal committee were: Ingeborg Appelt, Ivor Martinić and Saša Božić, the chairman of the committee.

The concisely selected productions by Tomislav Zajec for the 26th Gavella Evenings tried to sub-summarize the most important ranges of Croatia's institutional theatre. The appraisal committee have noticed some interesting tendencies of the newer productions: the return to the actor, the engagement of ensemble performance, as well as directors' efforts to, more or less inovatively, start a dialogue with theatre classics, at the same time questioning the problems of contemporary life.

Gavella Evenings have also shown range in the fact that theatres in this country deliberate not only the contemporariness, but also their own thematic and generic preoccupations. We have thus witnessed the provocative examples of post-dramatic readings of classical texts, the renewals of domestic literature's classics, shiny examples of conceptual directors' worlds and representational theatre which insists on the actors' cooperation.

The appraisal committee of this year's Gavella Evenings has unanimously decided to single out the production ''I Hate the Truth'', by &TD Theatre, directed and conceptualized by Oliver Frljić. In the committee's opinion this is a production that completely stands out in this year's festival selection.

With its strong theatrical expression, the radical purview it states, the simplicity and clearness of procedure, the production ''I Hate the Truth'' announces a new theatrical age in which radical authors' aesthetics manage to find a true dialogue with all the members of the theatrical community.

One needs to point out the well-tuned ensemble of the production which easily responds to director's demands in questioning the eternal topics of the truthfulness of theatrical experience and the manipulation with all its concepts.