The well-established tradition of this cultural manifestation obliges us to ensure a worthy presentation of the productions by the theatres from Zagreb as well as the theatres from other parts of Croatia. In that way the ''Gavella Evenings'' festival becomes a meeting point and a place where experiences are shared – a bridge between the capital city and living theatre centres all over Croatia. How else would we ensure the much needed circulation of drama artists, which is the root cause of the new theatre law, if places of meetings and experience sharing like this didn't exist? I believe that this very festival, thanks to its reputation and tradition, can be the leader of such future events.

The ''Gavella Evenings'' festival is the best possible place for the presentation of the best drama productions by Croatian institutional and repertoire theatres in the past year. The participating theatres are coming with productions that best exemplify the uniqueness of the theatrical centres they are coming from and the aesthetic profile of their playhouse and Zagreb is welcoming them with the selection that offers information about the capital city's theatre actualities.

Zoran Mužić