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Gavella Evenings

Since 2014 and their 29th edition, ‘’Gavella Evenings’’ adopted a new look and the Festival became a regional one, yet at the same time remaining an overview of the best plays in Croatian theatres in the past season. Since 2015 ‘’Gavella Evenings’’ are showing at least five and, at most, seven productions in the competition programme, as well as one production out of competition (which can be performed at the last night of the festival). Those who can participate are the plays whose opening night was no later than September 1st of the previous year to June 15th of the following year. The plays which will be on the programme are chosen by the Programme council, which consists of the general manager, dramaturge and the executive producer from ‘’Gavella Theatre’’. The awards which are given after the festival include the award for best female and male role, for best directing and best production overall.


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Original production by Anica Tomić and Jelena Kovačić, based on Ivana Bodrožić’s novel of the same name

Hotel Zagorje

Hotel Zagorje

Director: Anica Tomić

Premiere: 02/14/2020

First published ten years ago, The Hotel Tito (Hotel Zagorje) by Ivana Bodrožić is a touching, profoundly moving and critical tale which flows smoo...

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